Vila Joya Algarve Gourmet Festival 2012

If you like food and I mean really like food, then the 6th Annual Gourmet Festival in Portugal is where you have to be! This Gourmet Festival is considered one of the “best and biggest gastronomical events in the world”. “With each of these superstar chefs presenting his or her tasting menu combined with several wine pairings, the festival is a true gourmand’s dream. This is the only gourmet event where you experience the work of Michelin-starred chefs from around the globe. And the same chef never appears twice, an added bonus for repeat visitors,” says Executive Director Gebhard Schachermayer.
Vila Joya, meaning “House of Joy” is the largest (and only) gourmet festival where all the participants have Michelin stars, the highest award awarded chefs.

The event kicks off here, but the ten-day is spread all over Portugal, in Lisbon, Alentejo and the Algarve.

Lasting ten nights, starting January 12, 2012, Chef Dieter Koschina, chef of Vila Joya holding two Michelin stars for his event that welcomes over 20 internationally renowned chefs.

For all you true foodies…here is an up to date list of participating chefs, however more may be added closer to the event date:

Three-star chefs Jonnie Boer (Netherlands), Laurent Gras (New York City), Nils Henkel (Germany), Alain Passard (France) and Joachim Wissler (Germany);

Two-star chefs Shaun Hergatt (New York City), Jacob jan Boerma (Netherlands), Peter Knogl (Switzerland), Norbert Niederkofler (Italy), Magnus Nilsson (Sweden), Hans Vaelimaeki (Finland) and Heinz Winkler (Germany), and one-star chefs April Bloomfield (New York City), Siegfied Danler-Heinemann (Portugal), Vicente Farge (Portugal), Nigel Haworth (U.K.), Martin Klein (Austria), Mario Lohninger (Germany), Albano Lourenco (Portugal) and Benoir Sinthon (Portugal).

The cost for an evening meal will set you back at least $475US! However, if you wish to sit at the chef’s table, then it’ll cost you about $675US to probably have one of the best meals of your life!

In addition to the amazing food fest, daytime festivities will include golf tournaments, wine tasting and workshops.

The Festival is a “Tribute to Claudia” referring to Claudia Jung, founder of Vila Joya in 1982. Before her passing, Claudia created a memorable and magic place in the Algarve, Portugal.

Now in the hands of her daughter, Joy Jung, the Vila Joya will continue a tradition of hosting a festival that is in honor of her mother’s passion for good food and love for talented chefs.


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